Ghajini to be released Worldwide

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It’s almost as though the whole of 2008 has been building up to this one event – the new Aamir Khan film. The wunderkind who has brought us such epics in the past as Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Earth, Mangal Pandey: The Rising and Taare Zameen Par will be releasing Ghajini in twenty-three countries worldwide. It’s no secret that the movie is a double remake – not just of Christopher Nolan’s Memento but also of the Tamil movie of Ghajini that also starred Asin. But will it have the same plot?

In the Tamil version, Surya Sivakumar sports the same look as Aamir in the Hindi version. The Tamil version made 50 crores at the box office, making it one of the South’s biggest ever hits. Aamir has already topped this by selling the distribution rights of his version for a rumoured 90 crores, making the movie a hit from the production point of view even before it’s been released.

“Ghajini is an action film, but it has a lot to do with human emotion,” says Aamir, “It’s actually a beautiful love story. I hope the audience loves and enjoys the film. We have worked very hard for it.” In the movie, Asin repeats her role as the beautiful model who gets murdered and Aamir gets bumped on the head whilst trying to save her from some goons. He suffers short-term memory loss (anterograde amnesia) and sets out to try and avenge the girl he loved – with the help of attractive student neurologist Jiah Khan. In the Tamil version, Surya finds the goon who killed Asin and takes his revenge – but in Aamir’s version, we are told, the ending has been changed.

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