Ghatothkach a new Shemaroo animation film at Cannes

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Ghatothkach- Master of Magic is the first ever, Indian animation film to be promoted at the Cannes International Film Festival. Shemaroo Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. has pulled out all the stops in promoting the film. At their booth at the festival they have large posters, cutouts and audio-visual promotions of Ghatothkach. They also have a Ghatothkach kit, which includes a folder filled with a Note Book, Mouse Pad, Show Reel, Calendar and Flier. They are looking to show that this is a top-quality international caliber film.

Shemaroo Vice President Hiren Gada said, “We are looking forward to tapping the potential new audiences in the International Market and promote Ghatothkach – Master of Magic through innovative positioning. We are already seeing a lot of interest in Ghatothkach. We are hoping to be able to create a wider global market for Indian animation.”

The story is about Ghatothkach or ‘Ghattu’ – son of Bhim and Hidimba. He was one of the characters from the Mahabharata and this film is about his magical adventures. Singeetam Srinivasa Rao who is a renowned filmmaker known for the films Appu Raja and Pushpak directed the film. Ashmith Kunder, who is known for his technical expertise, is editing the animated feature. It has been made in 8 languages and is looking to appeal to the global audience.

The film is creating quite a stir at the festival with its excellent technical achievement. We can’t wait to see how far Indian animation has come and to see this first feature-length animated Bollywood-style musical.

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