Gippi is a huge Ranbir fan

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13may_Gippi-RanbirIt’s been a fairytale journey for Delhi student Riya Vij, who tagged along with a friend for a film audition and ended up bagging the lead role. Riya, who plays the role of a teenage student in Karan Johar’s production Gippi, directed by Sonam Nair, says that even though the she was prepared for a few starry moments, she certainly wasn’t expecting to meet her crush Ranbir Kapoor so soon.

“I’d told Sonam I wanted to meet Ranbir and she arranged it while he was shooting in Mumbai. I took pictures with him. It’s a photo I am never going to delete from my phone! I have the biggest crush on him and he is the cutest guy in the whole wide world. Even my mom and grandma think so. I told him that I saw Barfi thrice in the theatres and he has promised to watch Gippi three times! All my friends are so jealous that I’ve met him.”

“I was so excited when I heard I’d be shooting with Ranbir for the promotion of the movie that I had knots in my stomach. I fell in love
with him all over again when I met him.”

Gippi, produced by Dharma Productions, releases on 10th May 2013 across India.

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