Goal goes through name change and gets promo ready

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The John Abraham-Bipasha Basu soccer starrer, Goal, has gone through a title change. The new title of the film is now Dhan Dhana Dhan… Goal. There is now word as to why the film went through the name change.

Also making news is the fact that the film has its promo ready to be shown in Chak De India screenings. Ironically, Dhan Dhana Dhan… Goal was supposed to release alongside Chak De India on August 10th. But the release date was changed as UTV, the producers of the film, did not want to go up against another sports themed film, along with the fact that Chak De India boasts of the mighty SRK-YRF combo.

As of now, Dhan Dhana Dhan… Goal is set for a December release, although no official date has been announced. UTV feels this is the perfect time to launch their promo as it is expected many will be heading to the multiplexes to check out Chak De India. Therefore, more attention will be set on Dhan Dhana Dhan… Goal from hereon out. We look forward to seeing the promo of this promising film as sports is now becoming an important subject in films.

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