Good Boy Bad Boy

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While 2006 was officially the “Year of the Reshammiya” in terms of music sales and popularity, the same can’t be said for 2007 so far. Still, with the very same cap that brought him chartbuster after chartbuster, Himesh continues to croon along, hoping to re-create the same magic. With Namastey London as a mild exception, unfortunately, Himesh has failed to live up to expectations.

Subhash Ghai’s production, Good Boy Bad Boy seems to follow this very trend of disappointing Himesh music. And yes, he does sing in this one too! One hopes he stops overexposing his voice some time soon. While the Emraan Hashmi-Himesh Reshammiya combo has proved a success in the past, the same can’t be said for GBBB. Sameer’s lyrics too leave a lot to be desired.

Either way, I think the title is enough of an indication of how this album will be.

The album opens with the title track titled Good Boy Bad Boy with Himesh behind the mic, accompanied by Akriti Kakar. While Sameer’s lyrics are so annoying that your ears start to hurt, the vocals don’t help either. The track just tries too hard. This one is a complete disappointment. The Remix version by DJ Suketu doesn’t help the track either. Don’t even bother, unless you want a laugh!

When you see Himani’s name as the singer to croon with Himesh for this next track, Meri Awargi, you get slightly hopeful that it’ll be an improvement from the last track. It’s definitely listenable, though nothing special. Himesh sounds the same as usual while Himani impresses. Sameer’s lyrics are okay. This time, DJ Suketu’s Remix is quite good and picks up the track further. If you like dance tracks, check this one out. Otherwise, give it a miss.

Aashiqana Aalam Hai opens with Himesh and then makes room for Vinit, Sunidhi Chauhan and Alka Yagnik. It looks like this one might feature a large portion of the cast. All the singers excel, but one wishes they hadn’t added effects to Alka Yagnik’s already wonderful voice. This one stands out from the rest of the album as it’s catchy and overall a nice number. Not everyone will like it, but Himesh fans will be pleased with this one! Following the trend, DJ A Myth’s Remix doesn’t add much to the song, nor does it take away.

The fourth and final track is the sole Himesh-less track, with Zubeen Garg of ‘Ya Ali’ fame grabbing the mic this time around. Unfortunately, even Zubeen’s great vocals don’t do much for Dard-e-Dil. It’s not a bad track, but nothing special. Even DJ A Myth’s Remix doesn’t help, with Himesh singing this second version. Zubeen’s rendition is much, much better but the song itself is average.

Overall, Good Boy Bad Boy isn’t completely horrendous but it really doesn’t have anything special. With one good track (Aashiqana Aalam Hai), two average tracks (Dard-e-Dil, Meri Awargi) and one horrendous number (Good Boy Bad Boy), the album doesn’t cross the average mark. If you’re a Himesh fan, perhaps you will be pleased with a few of the four tracks. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

Our Rating

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