Govinda’s Strange Ways

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Govinda is known for his obscure ways but this one, takes the cake. A struggling writer is said to have approached Govinda to play the lead role for his film. After a narration, the actor is said to have been so happy with the script, he not only agreed to be a part of the cast but also is said to have agreed to produce the film too. The writer, who had to find serious connections to meet the actor, was beyond thrilled, needless to say. He headed home to his small humble abode and informed his friends and family of his great accomplishment. Unknown to him, it was only short lived.

Much after midnight, the writer’s phone rang and he was naturally shocked to hear an angry Govinda on the other side of the phone. The actor went on to abuse and curse out the writer who was completely bewildered, “You came and narrated the script of Baarish to me, and now my children have got a bad cold, and they are suffering. It is all your fault!” Govinda is said to have claimed. He went on to let the writer know that if he ever saw him again, he wouldn’t leave him alive. When the writer tried to “reason” with the actor, he was simply shot down. A source claims, “Chi Chi then told the boy that he wouldn’t do his film and he’d make sure he wouldn’t be able to make that film with anyone else either. He tried to reason with Chi Chi but the actor just abused him some more and then hung up.”

The writer is said to still be in a state of shock from the incident and will require some time to heal from the peculiarity that is Govinda.

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