Gracy Singh Turns Nasty

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Gracy Singh is very excited about her new project Dekh Bhai Dekh which sees her change from a sweet girl into a hardened criminal as the plot unfolds. “It is quite a challenging role for me as an actress because of the way the situations turn in the film,” she explains, “The protagonist’s world turns topsy-turvy. The sweet bubbly girl ends up as an aggressive character due to circumstances. She has had a failed marriage and needs money to get back on her feet. Hence, she gathers people around her with similar needs to involve them in her sinister plan.”

The Lagaan actress has a number of other projects lined up: “I have a host of releases lined up for this year. By Chance is an out-and-out comedy. Then there is I Exist directed by Shashi Preetam, the guy who directed the recently released Kirkit starring Jackie Shroff. In I Exist, I have been teamed with Sanjay Kapoor and Arbaaz Khan. I play a doctor in the film. Incidentally, it will be my third film in which I play a doctor after Armaan and Munnabhai MBBS!”

Gracy will also start shooting this week for a Malayalam film opposite superstar Mammootty. “Gracy loved the subject when it was narrated to her and gave her dates immediately for Loud Speaker, an offbeat venture,” said director Jayaraj, “It is Gracy’s first non-Bollywood movie.”

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