Gul Panag Thinks Fatso Will Be Big

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Gul Panag is feeling pleased over her new movie Fatso, which was recently screened at the New York South Asian Film Festival. “Fatso is my first love story,” she says, “I have never done a proper love story before. I am really happy the film has got good reviews at the festival in New York. I like working with people like Ranvir Shorey and Rajat Kapoor, who also star in the movie.”

Gul, who has inclinations towards theatre, has been an honoured guest for the past week at the Youth Theatre Festival in New Delhi. This prestigious event was supported by the National School of Drama and Delhi University. “If you want to participate in a play, you will have to give it three or four months in order to rehearse,” Gul explains, “I have committed my time to my films and endorsements for the moment but I am in search of a good play and will certainly do it if I get one.”

Passionate about the environment, Gul is a Green Commando and works hard to persuade others to do what they can to protect the environment. “There are small ways to make a start,” she says, “Switching off extra lights, making sure we don’t litter, avoid using plastic, recycle e-waste. Then there are the bigger ways if you have the opportunity. I am currently in the process of finalising plans for my green home, outside Mumbai, that will be solar and wind powered and aiming to be completely off the grid. Rain water harvesting and composting are also being factored in at the planning stage.”

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