Gulzaar Saab at Osians

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Each and every day more and more avenues are arising to recorgnise and highlight the talents of the Indian film fraternity. The latest of these special occasions was the 11th Osian’s-Cinefan Film Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema which honoured our very dear Gulzaar saab with life time achievement. The legendry lyricist till date remains to be one the most acclaimed lyricists of the industry and has stood the test of time.

Speaking on the occasion the man who weaves magic with words said, “I really want to thank Osian’s and all people for this honour bestowed upon me. The journey (cinematic and poetic) that I have gone through has been really beautiful. A person needs these kind of acknowledgments because they give creative satisfaction to an artist. I have been doing my work with full sincerity since all these years and I’ll continue giving my best.”

The Oscar winner has penned some of the most memorable songs of Indian cinema and in recent years his hits include ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ from Dil Se, ‘Beedi’ from Omkara and the blockbuster ‘Kajra Re’ from Bunty Ar Babli.

Secret to Gulzaar saab’s success in the 21st century even amongst the newer audience was revealed also on the inaugural function when the lyricist spoke about his views of music and its parallel journey with society. “You cannot expect to live life on a faster pace but hear music still belonging to the traditional era. In an era of e-mails and SMSes, how can you expect a song like ‘Daakiya Daak Laya’ or staying on the 20th floor of your building a song like ‘Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki’? The song writer cannot find the ‘Daakiya’ (postman) and the ‘Aangan’ (courtyard) as they hardly exist today. So, they are not to be blamed.”

It was rather apparent from this statement that the lyricist does not hold onto the past and welcomes change in his work, however he did express a small part of the 60s and 70s which he dearly misses today. “Theatres and cinema halls were the only medium of entertainment for people. There were no televisions and radio also used to play only for a few hours. So, people used to hum the same song again and again.” He continued to say that now that life is modern and contemporary and music was a reflection of that. “You are getting what you are choosing. Contemporary movies also consist of simple and slow songs but they rarely reside in the minds of modern youth today” he said.

The team of BollySpice would like to congratulate Gulzaar saab on this much deserved recognition!

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