In Pictures: Sneak Peek into Haider Press Conference

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Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider is the much anticipated Bollywood adaptation of Shakespeare’s classical Hamlet.

The revengeful and dramatic tale of a mournful Prince grieving over his father’s death, Hamlet is a play envisaging a multitude of emotions – as well as the ever popular Shakespearian dialogue: To be or not to be?

Bollywood, as is well known, thrives on emotion and indeed on dialogue, making the anticipation surrounding Haider all the more difficult to contain.

Following Vishal Bhardwaj’s critically acclaimed Shakespearian inspired films Maqbool and Omkara, Haider is a must watch for any film explorer. It is interesting to anticipate how Bhardwaj has directed the versatile and talented Shahid Kapoor to fill the boots of Hamlet – a complex character indeed and surely a challenge for any individual.

The release date for Haider is October the 2nd and yet, a few weeks away.

We at BollySpice however bring you a sneak peek from London’s Press Conference with Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj where we spoke all things Haider.

Watch this space for what was discussed at the Press Conference, as well as at a Round Table meeting with the director and star himself!

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