Halla Bol’s Director Optimistic about Success

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Halla Bol, which opens Friday, is not a masala film or even a filmi romance it is a film with a social message. Even though it is not your typical story line, both Ajay Devgan, star of the film and director Rajkumar Santoshi are optimistic about how well Halla Bol will do at the box office.

Santoshi said, “It is a good film, which discusses important social issues. It has all the elements to entertain the viewers.”

The film is based on the story of actor Safdar Hashmi, who was murdered in 1989. He was staging a street play entitled Halla Bol when he was killed.

One of the unique ways that the film was promoted was that, in 8 cities, there was a performance of a street play, directed by famous theatre artists Om Katare. Santoshi explained, “Since the time of freedom struggle, street plays have been the most important medium to create awareness. What could have been a better medium than this to promote our film? Also, we had thought that it would give a new life to one of the oldest art form of our country.”

About the film Ajay said, “Through our film we have tried to urge people to raise their voice against injustice. I hope it leaves an impact and people like it.”

With each new tidbit of information that come out about this film it becomes even more intriguing and a must see! Be sure to go see Halla Bol this Friday!

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