Hard working Piggy Chops

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By now we all know that Priyanka Chopra is an extremely hard worker. She dedicates herself to each and every single role she takes on and she does it with grace and elegance. On “What’s Your Raashee”, Ms. Chopra dedicated herself to each of her characters making sure that each girl stood out from the others. In “Kaminey” she worked on her diction and pronunciation to give her portrayal of Sweety a very authentic feel. Yet again, it seems that Priyanka has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to another role: Kiara in Siddharth Anand’s “Anjaana Anjaani”.

Anand tells us how Priyanka contributed greatly to the role of Kiara in the upcoming flick. “She worked in tandem to flesh out the character, work around on all the intricacies and also bring her wide range of experience to sets the when it came to actual shooting. This is the reason why she went on to do a lot more than just prepare for the role of Kiara who meets a complete stranger.”

According to Anand Priyanka’s contributions when beyond her portrayal of Kiara as Mr. Chopra focused on the technical aspects of her characterization and the film as a whole. Ms. Chopra is such a thorough professional that she went above and beyond the call of duty as she showed a keen interest in the technical aspects of the film making process from lighting, locations and costumes.

“Priyanka made her point and even had healthy discussions at places and was basically in learning rather than dictating mode. Anjaana Anjaani’ was basically a platform for her to learn the ropes on the job and Priyanka was glad that no one minded that”, claims Anand.

With the release of “Anjaana Anjaani” this past Friday, Ms. Chopra has received many accolades for her performance. It looks like our Piggy Chops is making a fast and steady climb to another very demanding role and incredible performance that can only take her career to greater heights.

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