Hari Puttar will be simply Magic

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Shamita Shetty has been keeping a low profile in Bollywood recently whilst she has taken care of her business interests — but that’s all about to change with a high profile role in the Bollywood version of a well-known children’s book character. Hari Puttar is set to hit our screens next year. She will be dancing and singing in a song for the film and the suggestion has pleased her immensely. “I said yes to this very special track because it was a children’s film. It was something special,” she says.

Shamita had a strong debut in Mohabbatein but then took a back seat although her acting potential was showcased in the otherwise disappointing Cash last year. Is she concerned at the low level of exposure in her film career? “I am in the film industry because I am passionate about films,” she explains. But, I have a life beyond a film career. A film career does not define me. There is another side to my life. I am content with my personal life.”

Does she feel any pressure from the global success of her sister? “Shilpa is not just an actor, but my elder sister. I am very happy with her success. There are no comparisons between us. Our parents treat us as equals at home,” she confides.

Shamita is working hard with Shilpa on the development of Shilpa’s new production house, S2 Global Productions. How is that work going? “Both myself and Shilpa are creative people and our contribution will be creative in nature. We have brought on board some professionals as well. UTV will co-produce the first film, which is an action comedy to be directed by Manish Ja. It took us six months to come up with an original script,” she added. “Shilpa will act in the first film. I may work in the second production. But, it is too early to say anything at this juncture.”

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