Harman and Amrita: together or not?

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Amrita Rao may have shooed away rumors that were doing the rounds about a possible romance angle to her new friendship with Harman Baweja. However, the saying “Actions speak louder than words” is one the couple should learn and remember perhaps. At a recent promotional event for their upcoming movie Victory, the duo were scene together with Baweja playing his part as the perfect escort. He made sure Amrita’s every need was catered to and that she was well taken care of. When a fan frenzy crowd, that had gathered outside the jewelry store to hopefully get a quick peek of the two, surrounded his leading lady Baweja rushed out, grabbed Rao by her hand and led her into the store. He was also heard asking the event organizers of Amrita’s whereabouts before she arrived as apparently, “…needed to escort her; otherwise she will get crammed with people.”

Amrita has been blamed for many breakups in the past including the Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur romance. In recent past, it has also been rumored that her over friendly friendship with Harman caused Priyanka Chopra to raise an eyebrow and ponder over her relationship with ex beau Harman. The duo went on to break up but are said to be thorough professionals while shooting for the upcoming, What’s Your Rashee?

Quite honestly, we can all see something sizzling between Rao and Baweja. After all, rescuing her from a crowded area – “yeh pyar nahin hai toh phir kya hai?” (If this ain’t love then what is?)

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