Harman Baweja Harmonises his Thoughts

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With a few noble exceptions, this has been a pretty dismal year for Bollywood. The films that have succeeded, such as Race, Jodhaa Akbar and Jannat have enjoyed good casts, spectacular scenes and above all, a good script. There’s much to be learned from this as both the Indian audience raises its expectations in a global market and the films themselves have to compete more openly in cinemas with Hollywood fare.

Bollywood has also been on the back burner a bit during the IPL season but now that’s over, the major movie studios hope to do better with their summer releases. One of the most eagerly awaited of all must be Love Story 2050 with the perfect Priyanka Chopra and newcomer Harman Baweja.

Hrithik-lookalike Harman is of course the son of director Harry Baweja and this is his first movie. How is he coping so far with the pressure of carrying this mega-expensive movie and Bollywood’s hopes of breaking into the world markets? “I’m very nervous and anxious,” he says, “Yes, there is a lot of excitement too but I know I’m making concerted efforts to stay calm. Expectations from Love Story 2050 scare me but I think I’m handling everything fairly well.”

Even though nepotism is found in every industry, Harman has understandably had some criticism about being made the star of his father’s most-expensive movie ever. How does he react to that? “I know a lot of people who keep saying that I’m damn lucky to get such a big break,” he adds,”It’s such an unfair statement to make. This is my first film but I’ve already had eight years of work experience in the industry. I wish people would understand that aspect. I tried another profession altogether but left it because I wasn’t happy doing that. And I didn’t jump into Bollywood immediately. I took my time, honed my technical skills and then came in front of the camera. That’s why I say I’m debuting after eight long years.”

What does Harman wish for with regard to Love Story 2050? “I obviously want it to succeed. As an actor, I’d like to be accepted but more than that I know how hard everyone has worked on this film. The trailers are already doing well, it’s got the right buzz but at the same time, I’m aware that three years of genuine, hard work can be snatched away by critics in just five seconds. I do hope that doesn’t happen.”

Harman is already working hard on his future projects. Firstly, there’s It’s My Life and then another potential blockbuster — Victory. It’s a film about cricket that stars a host of real-life players, bringing together even more closely the two biggest entertainment industries in India.

Love Story 2050 opens in theaters on July 4th.

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