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Never one to be short of an idea or two, the inimitable Rakhi Sawant will be launching her own website in about a month’s time which will include a chat facility so her fans can help her to while away those many lonely hours she must have of an evening. “Most people love her for her inimitable style,” says a spokesman, “We are giving Rakhi, a makeover adding a touch of sophistication and finesse with a dash of technology. We want to present a new Rakhi Sawant to audiences in a few months.”

Rakhi recently performed in front of 70,000 at the recent ICL final. The specialist item girl who has stunned us in dozens of films including Bad Boys, Main Hoon Na, Mumbai Express, Hot Money, Buddha Mar Gaye, Shootout at Lokhandwala and more recently in Horn OK Please, Krazzy 4, 1920 and Muthirai (said to be very hot!) will soon be undertaking a leading role in Anurag Singh’s next movie.

Rakhi was recently offered 10 lakhs to appear in the Bigg Boss 2 final. It was also suggested that she might spend the last two days in the House with the contestants but she turned it down. “I was scared of staying with these guys. Initially I did agree, but on second thoughts, I decided that I shouldn’t go.”

Rakhi also recently broke up with her boyfriend of four years, Abhishek Awasthi, probably now the most hated man in India. Rakhi has admitted to having taken the break-up very badly, being depressed and even in her darkest moments, contemplating suicide. “He just broke off and embraced another woman in his life,” she explains, “I invested my all in this affair. I hear he’s seeing newcomer, Shradha Sharma. She was also my good friend. But women are forever backstabbing their own kind. All this talk of sorority and sisterhood is total humbug. But Abhishek is going to cheat on her as well. That will be her comeuppance.”

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