Hema and Dharmendra may be back on screen together!

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It has been 24 years since we have seen “Bollywood’s golden couple” Dharmendra and Hema Malini on screen together as a couple. It is being reported that Pritish Nandy has made this casting coup of the year for his forthcoming feature Hum Aise Hain.

The first film for the Dream Girl and Dharam garam was Sharafat and about that film Malini said, “It was a very emotional and romantic film. We did so many together after that. I’ve lost count. But my favourites with Dharamji are Raaja Jaani, Sharafat, Dillagi, Sholay and Pratigya,” The two had a magical jodi on screen in the 26 films they did together but, they have not been seen together in a film since Raiza Sultan in 1983.

Malini added the reasons we have not seen them together on film is that, “We got busy with our lives and pushed acting on the backburner. I know the audience wants to see us together. But we also have to like what we do, the script has to suit our ages, and our sensibilities. We can recreate the magic only if the script is right.”

The two of course have a successful partnership off-screen as well as a real life married couple with two children. Esha, who is a Bollywood star in her own right and Aahana who is soon to make her debut as a director. Both of the girls have been encouraging their parents to work together again. Aahana who loved Dharamji’s performance in Apne said, “He’s given such a wonderful performance! I don’t know why nobody has given them a good script to come together. Esha and I keep nudging dad very often. It’ll be a treat to watch them together. I have seen their films and I think both are wonderful actors.”

Pritish Nandy has confirmed the hopes for casting saying, “Hema has liked my script. We are now waiting for Dharamji’s consent.”

Malini added shyly that, “Dharamji is such a good actor and we look so good together on screen. I think it’s about time that we come together in a movie. I am all set, but he has to agree.”

And Dharamendra looks to be leaning towards a yes he said, “Sharing the screen with somebody like Hema will be a pleasure again. She looks so beautiful even today. And I think, we look good together. Earlier, the time wasn’t right. But now I am ready.”

We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that this long awaited comeback as a couple indeed comes true. We cannot wait to see the magic of these two together again.

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