Heroine in trouble in Dubai

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Immense popularity of the trailer of Madhur Bhandharkar’s Kareena Kapoor starrer Heroine has come at a high price. It seems that one of the crucial dialogues featured in the trailer hasn’t gone down well with Middle Eastern fans.

In the trailer Kareena’s character is quoted saying “heroine ne gadi li toh business man ne gift kiya aur God forbid Dubai gayi toh uska rate card ban jaata hai”.  The dialogue implying that Dubai is a hub for illegal and immoral activities has angered the residents of the city and Middle Eastern fans in general. Whilst a controversy per film is pretty much a norm of the industry now this controversy itself could in fact cost Heroine a large chunk of its business. It is no hidden fact that UAE is a major market for Bollywood and loosing out on business in the region would affect a film’s success immensely.

Makers have gone into disaster management mode and are taking preventative action to stop the controversy from reaching new heights. A new trailer has been released in the region with the said dialogue rectified. Word is that the film’s print will also be altered for the region.

Whether the preventative action taken is enough to restore the healthy relationship between Bollywood and UAE and save the potential business Heroine will generate in the city is something we’ll have to witness on release day itself.

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