“He’s so beautiful!” – Hrithik Roshan

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As we reported yesterday, Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan have become the proud parents of a new baby boy and though Hrithik once said he wanted a girl, now that his bundle of joy is a boy he is just as content.

Hrithik said, “I did want a girl this time to complete the family picture. But the minute I saw my baby’s face I was as content as I could be. In fact, he has already had his first photo-session! The entire family (of about 35 people) except dad, is here. So we gathered around the baby and the photographer went click-click. He seemed to really enjoy it.”

Daadaa Rakesh Roshan was not able to be there because he is in the US searching for locations for Hrithik’s next film Kites, but Daadii Pinky was there and she said, “I am ecstatic at the birth of my grandchild but am missing my husband who is in the US. I wish he was here. The baby is such a doll. He’s my third grandchild but each time, it’s a very different experience. I am still absorbing the fact I have become a daadi again. My husband will see the baby two weeks later — on May 15 when he returns.” They have emailed Daadaa a picture of course.

Sunaina, Hrithik’s sister said, “I have become a bua once again. The baby looks like Hrehaan’s twin. The family wanted a daughter but we didn’t know whether it would be a boy or girl. As long as the baby is healthy nothing else matters to us.”

Farah Aqueel Ali Khan gushed, “Hrithik and Sussanne have been blessed with a drop-dead gorgeous baby boy. We haven’t named him as yet. It was a normal delivery and both mother and baby are doing fine. The baby is very fair and has straight jet-black hair. Both Hrithik and our parents (Sanjay and Zarine Khan) are very excited. Barring Rakesh uncle all of us were at the hospital — our parents, Zayed, me, Simone — everyone! We are happy we got a healthy baby. He’s one of the best-looking babies I have seen in my life. Now my parents have eight grandchildren — six grandsons and two granddaughters. I am thrilled that Hrithik’s baby is a Taurean, like my son Azaan and husband Aqueel. Also now that the baby was born on May Day, we can always celebrate his birthday on a holiday.”

One wonders if the new baby have Hr as the first letters of his name, like Hrithik and big brother Hrehaan? About the name, Hrithik said. “Right now, we haven’t thought of a name. We’re just so happy to see him healthy and happy. Suzanne will be home in a day or two.”

The new papa can’t stop smiling and added, “It feels wonderful. I never thought fatherhood, the second time around, would be so special and exhilarating. I can’t take my eyes off the baby. He’s so beautiful!”

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