“Hiding Divya deals with mental illness but also is as much about family.”- Rehana Mirza

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For her first film as writer and director Rehana Mirza did not take the easy road but went all in to tell a story about mental illness and how it affects 3 generations of women in the South Asian community. Inspired by true stories Hiding Divya provides a rare, realistic and poignant glimpse into the lives of Divya Shah (Madhur Jaffrey) whose bipolar illness has been denied and covered up for years; her rebellious daughter, Linny (Pooja Kumar), who ran away from home as an unwed teen; and Linny’s 16-year-old daughter, Jia (Madelaine Massey), whose emotional turmoil is buried under a veil of secrecy. The film is set to release this Friday and BollySpice got the chance to sit down with the director and hear about this intriguing film.

What is Hiding Divya about?

The film has elements of dealing with mental illness but also is as much about family as anything else.

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