Himesh Reshammiya reveals his new fitness regime

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15may_Himesh-FitnessRegimeMusic Director, Singer, Actor and Producer Himesh Reshammiya, is all geared up for his forthcoming film(s) Heeriye and Guns and Roses. He is looking fitter than ever with his new look which also goes to show just how hard, he is working for his next few films.

In a recent interview to asianage.com, Himesh reveals how he has learnt to gauge audience perception and speaks about the hard work that he has put into his new look and fitness regime: “I try and make it a point to watch every new film in the theatre, on the first day itself. Whether or not it is a good film doesn’t matter because when you watch it with the audience, your perception changes. So as an actor, I’m now realising what works for the audience and what doesn’t. I’m following the Jain pattern of suryauday and suryastha (sunrise and sunset). I don’t eat anything between 8.30 pm and 8.30 am. The concept has now become popular in the West too. I also work out for one-and-a-half hours every day.”

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