Himesh Reshammiya says Salman Khan is instrumental in making him who he is today

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himeshsalmanThere is a lot of buzz in the independent Bollywood music scene as the multi-talented Himesh Reshammiya aims to revive it with his upcoming album Aap Se Mausiiquii. In a recent interview with Mid-day, Himesh talked about the album and how his brother and mentor Salman Khan has played a huge role in his life, “Salman bhai is instrumental in making me what I am today. He is extremely generous, a mentor to many in the industry. He understands music well. I’m glad he loved my album and tweeted about it.”

The album saw the release of four title track remixes last week. This is the first time this concept has ever been explored in Bollywood Music. Speaking about the album and its uniqueness, Himesh said “I didn’t want to come up with an album just for the heck of it. I waited for the right time and tracks. I’m happy with the outcome.”

Talking about his exclusivity and doing less work than previously, Himesh says he now prefers quality over quantity, “Keeping a low profile is a conscious decision. I’m okay with being selective, even if it means doing only two films a year. I have a record of delivering hits and, therefore, I’m answerable to my fans. Himesh, the singer, became successful only because Himesh, the composer, gave him good compositions. I could do so many films as an actor since I became popular as a composer.”

After the release of his private album Aap Se Mausiiquii, Himesh will be working on his forthcoming films The Xpose 2 and Heeriye plus one other yet to be announced film.

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