Himesh Reshammiya talks about his brand new album Aap Se Mausiiquii

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16nov_himeshreshammiyaThe multi-talented Himesh Reshammiya is excited about the upcoming release of his highly awaited private album Aap Se Mausiiquii (My Music is Because of You). In a recent interview to PTI news, Himesh explained why he no longer feels insecure at this point of his career, “Right now, I don’t need to prove anything with my music. I just need to get it right. Till the time I don’t get it right, I don’t let it come out in the market. I keep working. I have a track record of more than 650 hit songs, 115 films, so there is nothing to prove. It (the brand) has to be maintained. I just have to live up to the expectations of the audience, that is the reason I’ve been very choosy. I don’t feel insecure being exclusive. I’ve over the years introduced so many singers and composers. That is very important. I can’t do 35 films a year which I used to do then. It is not possible now. The scenario has changed.” Talking about the current situation of the Bollywood Music industry, Himesh continues, “You can’t be doing quantity. In the initial phase when you have to make a mark, you have to do quantity but after that you have to become exclusive.”

It has been a long time since Himesh released a private album as his super hit debut album Aap Kaa Surroor released in 2007. Himesh says that after he met Bhushan Kumar and Manoj Muntashir, the idea for the album developed, “I had a lot of songs which I felt if they come in an album they can become bigger hits than in films. Once the creative satisfaction was there, we decided to go with the concept of the videos. I am really happy people are appreciating it.” As private albums are rarely heard these days, Himesh explains his thought process behind selecting the songs for Aap Se Mausiiquii, “I am very conscious of first sampling the music and then getting it out for fans. Once I was sure of these compositions, I went into the album. I had sampled these songs with 3,000 people. I got 26-27 songs out of which I selected these 10. Then we made 15 different remixes and now we are ready.”

The first two tracks from the album Aap Se Mausiiquii and Menu Kehn De have received rave reviews from music lovers across social media. The third track is expected to release soon. Stay tuned with BollySpice for further updates!

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