Himesh Reshammiya talks about Jumme Ki Raat from Kick

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14jun_Himesh-SalmanWithin just days of this mega Eid song being released on youtube, Jumme Ki Raat has already set a new record with the number of views that it has received.

This chart buster song has been composed by Music Director/Singer/Actor/Producer Himesh Reshammiya. In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Himesh reveals how the concept of Jumme Ki Raat came about. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Himesh said “This Jumma song was always a part of the script. I knew I had to create a dance anthem. So, I thought of doing something as big as Jumma chumma de de.” Jumma Chumma De De is the hit song of the 90’s that was picturised on the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, in the film Hum.

Upon hearing the song, one can notice that the only similarity between these two songs is the word ‘Jumma’. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror Himesh says “Not a single note is the same. It is only the word ‘jumma’ which gives it a nostalgic feel.” Himesh has dedicated Jumme Ki Raat to the composers of Jumma Chumma De De, Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

Jumme Ki Raat has been written by two lyricists. Shabbir Ahmed, who was chosen with reference to the audio and the antaras are written by Kumaar. Himesh being a true perfectionist, speaking to Mumbai Mirror, he says “It took us 20 days to record Jumme ki raat as everything had to be perfect—from the lyrics and the composition to the sound.”

Himesh further explains the reasons why he gave a particular sound to Jumme Ki Raat “It’s a song with a lot of attitude and who better than Salman bhai to carry it off. It has a contemporary beat with heavy base guitars, but at the core, the composition is very Indian. And it is this fusion that works for the song.”

Kudos to Himesh Reshammiya for delivering yet another chart buster – Jumme Ki Raat will most certainly become the youth anthem of 2014! Check out the song below.

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