Himesh Reshammiya vs.The Deols

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Two films are set to clash at the box office on June 29th: Himesh Reshammiya ‘s acting debut Aap Ka Surroor, and the highly anticipated Apne starring all 3 Deols, Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol.

When Reshammiya learned of Apne releasing on the same date, he personally went to the Deols and asked them to move their opening to another weekend. “Yes, I did request them to come on another Friday. But they refused. I respect their decision. I’m sure they have their own reasons for coming on June 29,” said Reshammiya, the singer/composer turned actor.

Adding to that, “I’m partial to ‘Aap Ka Surroor’. It’s very special to me on many counts. I think our film is very small compared to theirs. It stars Dharamji and his two sons which means it has 300 percent box-office clout whereas my film has an untried singer-turned-actor whom the whole world is waiting to rip apart.”

Interestingly he did the score for Apne and is very proud of his work for the film.

Also releasing that weekend is Mahesh Bhatt’s Awaarapan, so the competition for box office glory is going to be very tough.

Reshammiya said, “I think June 29 will disprove the myth that only one film at the most does well on any Friday.”

We wish all 3 films the best of luck!

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