Himesh Reshammiya wears burqa to visit Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s Dargah

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Himesh Reshammiya is in the headlines again but not for his music or his upcoming release Aap Ka Suroor, but for wearing a burqa. Though, in fact his reason for visiting the dargah was to pray for blessings and wish for the success of the movie releasing June 29th.

On Tuesday night, he and four others performed ziyarat (pilgrimage) to the shrine but, after a bad encounter with some fans in which they would not even let him get to the shrine, he and his companions left. They returned and to hide his identity Reshammiya was wearing the burqa. He and the other stayed for about an hour and “He offered flowers, prayers and tied wish threads in the dargah,” said a committee member of the dargah.

There have been complaints made against Reshammiya and many have thought he was wrong to wear the burqa. Reshammiya said that he was advised by Dargah Khadim Qutubuddhin Saki to wear the burqa. Adding that, “If I have committed any mistake, I apologise for that.”

He also apologized to the Anjuman Committee of the Dargah; the official committee of the dargah Khadims’ (servers) saying that it was not his intention to make any mistake that would offend anyone’s religious beliefs.

Sarwar Chisti the spokesman of the Anjuman committee and former secretary said that, “since he is a popular artiste and wore a burqa to avoid the crowd, he has not committed any offence or sin.”

A khadim agrees saying, “Burqa is a respectable dress and there was no need for the singer to express his regret and tender apology.”

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