Himesh Reshmmiyaa’s Kajraare released…did you know?

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For any director or producer, a forthcoming film is very much a baby. From the moment it’s born to the moment it releases and beyond, it needs love, attention-to-detail and, above all else, publicity. It needs to grab the interest of the cinema-goers with its music and picturisations. Given all this, it would be shocking to say the least if any given film was released… without the fanfare? Sound odd…?

Well, it seems T-Series-produced Kajraare was given this very injustice. The movie, starring Himesh Reshammiya and Mona Laizza was released on 15 October with no prior notice – not even to the film’s director Pooja Bhatt. The Bhatt camp was completely unaware that this was what T-Series, namely Bhushan Kumar, were planning.

Inside sources revealed that there were ongoing problems between Kumar and Bhatt and due to an ultimate fall-out, Kumar wasn’t prepared to financially bear the brunt of the promotions for the film and so decided to release it in an undeserved manner – in just 2 cinema halls.

Reshammiya was said to be “in shock” at the abrupt release of the film. When asked to comment, he said the person best placed to give answers would be Bhushan Kumar. Mahesh Bhatt said in a recent interview, “As far as Pooja is concerned, she is shocked and wants to maintain a dignified silence. She said that she has given everything to the film, and yet the producers, who have pumped in so much money in the film, have released it is such a manner.” Seems Kumar has a lot to answer for. For such a big budget movie to release in such a way is completely heartbreaking for all involved.

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