Himesh turns down A.R. Rahman?

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Himesh Reshammiya once said that if he ever had to sing for a composer besides himself, it would only be A.R. Rahman. Interestingly enough, Rahman is also keen to have Himesh sing a certain composition that he feels Himesh would suit very well. He also admits that the song is for a very big actor and a big budget film.

However, in an interesting turn of events, Himesh has politely refused this offer because the song is not for one of the films he stars in. Himesh’s new policy is that he only composes and sings for films that he acts in as well.

“I am a great fan of AR Rahman and his music. It’s a great honour for me to sing his composition, but as a policy decision, I only sing for myself onscreen. I don’t sing for any outside banner. I would instead request Rahman saab to give music for one of my films where I am the actor and singer. In fact, if he agrees, it will be a dream come true,” he told Mumbai Mirror.

Whether Rahman will agree or not remains to be seen.

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