Hisss Villain Talks the Making

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A film like Hisss filled with special effects and a rather situational plot cannot be easy to make. Hisss villain Jeff Doucette, who found himself a part of many stunts found himself challenging himself during the shooting of the film. “The hardest thing was the physicality of my character. I had to beat people up, get stuffed into a harness and I had to walk around for almost two weeks covered in blood- sticky nasty fake blood. I had to literally peel my clothes off at the end of the day,” he revealed.

Divulging scene details, he explained how he had to push himself to certain limits while working on Hisss. “During one scene Irrfan Khan and I were fighting, and he had to grab my lapels and pull me up. In take after take he grabbed my lapels, but he also grabbed a fistful of my chest hair. Five takes later I had no hair left, but we got the shot, and it probably worked for me since I was supposed to be in tremendous pain,” he explains. However, the actor wouldn’t have it any other way and takes much pride in the fact that he took it upon himself to enact all his stunts. “I did all my own stunts. It’s a matter of pride with me,” he honestly says.

And while the stunts were hard, it was Jennifer Lynchs’ incredible writing that made his role that much more easier to depict. “The easiest thing was the acting. My part was so well written and I was given so much freedom by Jennifer to create a character that it seemed effortless.” Talking more about the director, he explains his quick connection and bond which he formed with her which translated to much freedom onscreen. “We were of the same mind about the character from the first meeting. Jen and I almost giggled with delight at our instant connection as artists and as humans. I loved every minute of working with Jen. She let me improvise so much of my scenes. She would basically tell me what she needed in terms of story points, and then let me run with it,” he gushes.

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