Hope for the Industry: Konkona Sen Sharma

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She lacks a perfect peaches and cream complexion and is not considered to be a traditional beauty. The dusky woman (a no-no in films) and not a bone thin “beauty” either, Konkona Sen Sharma has been breaking barriers of what an actress should look like. She can act circles around many of our current “thinking actresses” of today and yes, is beautiful in her own category. We cannot help but absolutely adore her.

Watch her in “Mr and Mrs Iyer” and tell me who can say she was not perfectly Tamilian. Watch her in Omkara and tell me who wasn’t charmed by her Bihari accent. For goodness sakes, if acting skills were anything to go by, this lady would be sweeping out all the coveted roles that some of our heroines pretend they can handle.

Yes, we admit this National Award winning actress could not do a Dhoom 2 or dance exquisitely in Devdas. She even has admitted that herself. But we do not want Koko (as they call her) to do those kind of roles. We want more roles where we see her being human. We want no ethereal perfect woman, but rather just a woman with flaws. Watching Omkara and Mr and Mrs Iyer, I could not help but be absolutely riveted. She is the woman of today – flawed, yet independent.

While many prefer the “perfect” actresses, I prefer Konkona who shows us acting chops and flaunts that she is human. That yes she is dark. That she wasn’t born with perfect genes. She is brilliant in her roles and I cannot wait to see more of this actress. There is something about Konkona, alright.

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