How Pritam-Diplo collaboration on Phurrr from JHMS came to be

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There has been a lot of anticipation for Pritam’s upcoming song Phurrr from Jab Harry Met Sejal, where he has collaborated with international artist DJ Diplo. But do you know how the collaboration took place?

“We met somewhere last year and he gave us a bunch of tracks saying that we could choose any of them. They were just instrumental tracks without any composition or melody. Imtiaz shortlisted one track, he felt that the production and vibe of the track will go very well in a particular situation. So I had to compose the song on the instrumental Diplo had made,” Pritam stated.

Once Pritam had the composition in place, lyricist Irshaad Kamil came up with the brilliant phrase ‘Phurrr’. Imtiaz loved the way the composition and lyrics came together and it was then that singer Mohit Chauhan and additional vocalist Tushar Joshi came on board and crooned the song.

“Since the track and drop were in minor pentatonic I had to keep the composition on that.”

Then Shah Rukh Khan made the video with Diplo and even taught him his signature move so watch for that

Sung by Mohit Chauhan & Tushar Joshi, phurrr has a killer beat

Check it out and go phurrrrr!

Jab Harry Met Sejal
hits theaters tomorrow

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