How Kiran Rao became AD for Dilli 6

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Rakeysh Mehra, director of the outstanding Rang De Basanti, has just completed the filming for his next, Dilli 6. The movie stars Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman, Om Puri and Pavan Malhotra and is based on the director’s life. Mehra recently talked about be saved from a crisis, his temper on the sets, his entire team but sadly does not give a release date!

Mehra is so proud of the entire team working on the film and said: “Seriously I’ve a great team on board for Dilli 6. The childlike enthusiasm of the whole team, including my cinematographer Binod Pradhan (Rang De Basanti), has to be seen to be believed.”

During the filming there was a crisis and Mehra will be forever grateful to Kiran Rao, wife of Aamir Khan, for coming to his rescue. Mehra explained, “My first assistant director (AD) who has her family in the US had a family crisis and had to leave immediately. There we were, without a first AD with 22 actors on location in Jaipur. News about our crisis spread fast and Kiran immediately offered to come to Jaipur to serve as First AD. She got to know on Sunday morning and by Sunday evening she was in Jaipur sorting everything out. This is the spirit in which Dilli 6 has been made.”

Since this is an autobiographical film it perhaps was a bit more close to the director’s heart and he said that he did have a few instances of losing his temper. “I’d say I lost my temper as much as I’ve the right to with my own child at home. Losing my cool on the sets is a manifestation of our team effort to create something we’d all be proud of.”

The principle-filming schedule was complete on Friday the 28th and with the stars scattered to Miami and beyond it is now time for the director to begin post production. Bringing all the hours of film together to a cohesive piece is falling to Mehra’s wife Bharathi since she is the editor of the film. “I’ve now left Dilli 6 to her. She’s now trying to make sense of my nonsense.”

So when can we expect to see Dilli 6 in theaters? Mehra does not even have a release date in mind yet and said, “Such pressures don’t do the film any good. I’d rather work at my own pace. The film will be complete when it will be complete. Why fret about it? No, I’ve no date of release for Dilli 6. The film will be released whenever it’s ready.”

We will be sure to fill you in about all the news on Dilli 6 and as soon as a release date is known we will report it so keep watching this space!

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