How sexy do your lips look?

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How sexy do those lips look? Midnight Swirl Lip Lustre by Revlon incorporates “never-before-seen black pearls” to create a sexy effect on your lips. The combination of the sensual swirl of colors with the subtle sparkles leaves lips looking lustrous (how’s that for a mouthful?). It comes in seven different shades, ranging from a chocolate-y brown to a berry purple. I don’t use Revlon too much, mostly I stick with L’oreal and Maybelline, but lately Revlon’s newest products have captivated me. Their website is really worth a look, the limited edition products in particular. Check out the website here

Personally, I just love lip gloss. I found about 16 different glosses in my lip gloss drawer (I have separate drawers for different make-up items), and I’m sure there are about 10 more wandering around in purses and pockets.

I’m not sure why, but there is a certain allure to glossy, shimmery lips. I watched a show on TV Guide once where the host walked around NYC asking women of all ages what make-up product has to be in their bags. And you guessed it, the answer was lipgloss.

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