Hrithik asked to lose weight

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Who would have thought that perfectionist Hrithik Roshan would be asked to lose weight? Despite being one of the fittest actors in the industry, Roshan was asked to lose weight to sport a lean look for a clothing line ad campaign.

Sources reveal that Roshan Junior has lost his muscles despite his father Rakesh Roshan’s obvious displeasure mostly due to the commencement of Bhanslai’s next unnamed venture. Papa Roshan is of the opinion that the lean look will not suit the role in the film.

However, Hrithik stuck to his guns and lost the weight to meet the brief provided by the clothing line. And the results – Well Roshan Junior now has a 28 inch waist – 2 inches down from his 30 inch waist a few months earlier. Let’s just hope that it is a look he decides not to keep.

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