Hrithik in Berlin

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Everyone is a buzz with the news that Hrithik Roshan is in Berlin, but why no one really knows. Is he there for Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday party, or is it that he is filming a special scene in Don 2? Hrithik was spotted outside a hotel in Berlin with Farhan Akhtar, Boman Irani, and Kunal Kapoor by some fans so that leads us to believe the second case may be true.

Rumors are rife that Hrithik will be making a cameo in Don 2 and not only that but that he and SRK have a fight. A source told the Deccan Chronicle, “The fight scene between the two superstars will be the highlight of the film. It’s going to be action, the kind of which, has never been seen before. The director is confident that the chemistry between the two stars will be well received by the audience.”

This has not been confirmed, but it seems this was supposed to be a big secret, another source said, “Roshan`s character is a stylised one with interesting shades and they felt only he could do justice to it. But Farhan and Ritesh want to keep Hrithik`s role hidden till the film`s release as it`s one of the highlights of Don 2. Duggu is very close to Farhan and Ritesh and he couldn`t refuse them.”

We will have to wait and watch to find out whether while in Berlin, Hrithik is going to be singing Happy Birthday to SRK or battling the Don. You can be sure we will keep you in the loop so watch this space for more!

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