Hrithik in Magical Coca Cola Ad

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The Coca Cola Company has hired Hrithik Roshan to represent them in a new magical ad campaign that is looking to appeal to the younger set. The idea for the ad is based on ‘Jashan Mana Le’ and according to the vice-president for marketing Venkatesh Kini; “The idea of the new campaign is tell the audience how the magical power of the beverage brings celebration into the lives of its consumers.”

“Having made ‘thanda’ and refreshment synonymous with Coca-Cola, this year we have decided to take the brand communication to the next level. Our 2008 campaign focuses on how a bottle of Coca-Cola infuses a stream of fun, enjoyment and exhilaration into every moment of life. I am confident that the youth today will strongly identify with both the lingo and message of this campaign,” Kini added.

The ad will feature a group of friends out looking for something to eat late at night but everything is closed. They then meet Hrithik and have a magical time, but we will have to wait and watch until the ad comes out to see what happens.

Hrithik said, “It feels great to be part of the ‘Jashan Mana Le’ campaign. It reminds me of the time when I was in college, hanging out with friends, going out and having food together.”

Adding, “The emotions captured in the campaign of togetherness and celebrations, being energized by a bottle of Coca-Cola are very real and identifiable. I am sure all including my fans, would find this campaign extremely appealing.”

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