Hrithik Roshan blasts report from Mumbai Mirror

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Everybody knows many stories get reported which are based only on gossip and not facts. Celebrities sometimes take to Twitter to rant about their frustration with such stories. It seems Hrithik Roshan became the latest celebrity to be targeted in a misreported article by the Mumbai Mirror.

According to Mumbai Mirror, Hrithik, who is currently shooting for Krrish 3, got a body double to pull off a stunt for him whilst he relaxed in a van nerby. “On the set of the third installment of the Hrithik Roshan starrer, Mirror lensman Nilesh Wairkar spotted the superhero poised to leap from a formidable height. On a closer look however, it turned out that it was not Hrithik, but a real-life hero who was preparing to take the fall for him. The star was
in his vanity van nearby when the body double pulled off the stunt.”

It seems Hrithik, who has been away from Twitter for a while, decided to come back and give his opinion on such absurd accusations; “Apologies 4 being away so long, n sorry 4 making this tweet self important,thx 2 a newspaper trying 2 upset me(in vain as usual) n 1 tht hasn’t heard of d concept of stand in’s 4 movies. Dey help by standing fr d actor b it scenes or action- while crew do lighting, fix d correct lens rehearse d camera move, rehearse d stunt, fix appropriate precautions etc. All of which takes hours before main cast is finally called 2 give d shot. D paper ofcourse saw me give the shot yesterday but chose 2 say it was done by a body double. I do use body doubles I regard them wth great respect n have used thm 4 specific situations in all my films EXCEPT Krrish. Simple cause krrish is all about body language – my body language. There, clarified. Out of my system. God bless u newspaper and lensman, I forgive u. Love 2 u all.”

That will surely teach any future lensman and newspapers to look twice before reporting news about Hrithik.

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