Hrithik Roshan dares his competitors Shahid Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor

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Haider & Bang Bang are the two big movies which are came out on October 2nd.

Usually, it’s a stressful time for the actors, there is like feeling of competition in the air and the medias always wonder which movie would do better ?

But this time, the situation turned out to be different!

Hrithik’s #BangBangDare has been going on for a while and the actor didn’t hesitate to dare his 2nd October “reveals” Shraddha Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor were actually very excited to be a part of the people who got a challenge from Hrithik!

The lovely Shraddha who has bend making everyone dream since her 1st song “Galliyan” had got a special request from Hrithik, who happens to be her biggest crush.

The actor tweeted her to show “the real beauty” to the world

Shraddha was thrilled to get such a wonderful dare from her favourite actor and did something really special! She didn’t hesitate to say a little “I love you” to Hrithik in the end! What a true fan!

And then Hrithik got “speechless”

Then, on the day of the release of ‘Bang Bang’ & ‘Haider’, Hrithik tweeted what might be the best dare ever!

And here’s Shahid answer

And his proof, which he posted on Facebook!

And Hrithik returns the dare!

This was such a great to show the world that actors don’t need to become “enemies” only because two movies are releasing on the same day

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