Hrithik Roshan helps children of a unit member

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Hrithik Roshan has offered help to the children of a unit member who was killed while working on the sets of a commercial he was scheduled to shoot for. Farukh Sheik was working high up on the set along with two other crew members when they fell from a 40-foot height. The two others suffered broken bones but sadly Farukh died instantly.

After hearing about the tragedy, Hrithik called Sheik’s family and offered to set up an account to make sure Sheikh’s three children would be taken care of.

A source said, “When Hrithik heard about the mishap he was very upset. A few days back, he called Farukh’s children over to his place in Juhu and met them personally. He also told Farukh’s elder brother Sikander, who had accompanied the children to Hrithik’s place, that he will help them financially. But, the actor also requested the family to remain silent about the help.”

Aasif, Farukh’s younger brother said, “Farukh was wrong to endanger his life. He insisted on climbing up there even though he was told that it was very risky to do so. The company hasn’t paid the family, nor has it announced financial help even though Farukh died while working on their site. It is very unfair how they treat labourers. This complete lack of safety when it comes to their working conditions, needs to be looked into.”

Aasif confirmed that Hrithik had indeed called the family, “After his shoot one day Hrithik called up and requested Sikander to bring Farukh’s children to his house so that he could meet them. Sikander took Aarsi, Nazia and Tavis to meet the actor. He asked Sikander to open a bank account for the three children and promised to put in money for fixed deposit accounts for each of them.”

Our thoughts go out to the Sheik family and we honor Hrithik Roshan for doing this wonderful thing.

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