Hrithik Roshan On All Things About Fatherhood

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Hrithik Roshan has a rocking last couple of years with the success of films like Dhoom 2 and Jodhaa Akbar still echoing at the box office. However, another reason the last few years have been rather interesting for him is because of his new opted role in fatherhood. Speaking to Subhash K Jha the actor talked about how he disciplined his kids, what they love to do as they grow up and most importantly how does he manage his time with them.

The actor began by a regret for not having spent as much time as he would have liked with his youngest son Hridaan who is now 14 months old. “I’ve been shooting most of the time. I’ve hardly had time to be with him. Hridaan smiles at everything and everyone. He’s quite a smiley baby,” the actor said.

If you’re wondering what the oldest son Hrehaan is up to then it seems that he’s taking to his daddy’s ways and being the superhero of the household! The actor was proud to boast about his son crazy life when he said, “Sometimes for half a day Hrehaan is Krrish and for the other half of the day he is Spiderman or Superman. So he’s flying around the house all day.” In addition he said that no overly needed rules are imposed on Hrehaan and he’s allowed to go as crazy as possible given some limits like putting all the toys back when he’s done.

However, we all know that with kids not all things are peachy, a bit of discipline is always requires, so how does Hrithik reason with his kids, To that the actor replied, “I’ve never stopped him from doing anything. Even when he was just a one-and-a-half year old and he banged the DVD player, I reasoned rather than shouted at him.”

The proud father continued to boast about his kids like every father who loves them when he said that now Hrehaan is quite smart, holding the DVD in a proper manner to avoid scratches when he’s watching his favourite films and even turning the AC on all by himself! Ask him which films are constantly re-occurring the family’s television screams and two names jump to mind, Spiderman and Krissh! What a healthy balance of Western and Desi superheroes don’t you think?!

Moving onto his professional life the actor wrapped up by reiterating his motto when it comes to choosing films nowadays, “The big question I always ask myself before doing a film is, can I give my right arm for it? If the answer is yes, then I’m on. For Kites, I can give both my arms. On second thoughts, he says, “Considering what I went through with my knees, I take that back. Nothing matters more than your health. Now when I pray for my sons, I pray for their good health.”

Kites hits the silver screen this December!

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