“The bro-code!” with Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra on Krrish 3

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The Bro code: a set of rules meant to be a guideline to live by between Bro’s (Urban Dictionary).

13oct_Krrish3-UKintvw28When BollySpice met Hrithik Roshan (HR) and Priyanka Chopra (PC) earlier this month on their trip to London to promote Krrish 3, we were instantly hit by their chemistry and just how hyper they were. So we ditched the bog ‘standard’ questions and given that Krrish 3 is a superhero movie, we…well, spoke about exactly that – superheroes! Not only that, we even came away with a better understanding of the sacred ‘bro-code’! Read on to find out more…

So guys, as this is a superhero film, can you tell us who your favourite ‘real’ life superhero is?

HR: My favourite real life heroes have been my own experiences! It’s through my experiences I have learnt whatever I have learnt. I’ve learned that through your challenges, through the times that you think that you cannot go on and you do. So I think it’s your own experiences that you can really use to bring out the true hero within.

PC interjects – So Hrithik just one question: “You are your real life superhero?”

HR responds: You can term it like that to demean it, but they (the fans) have understood it!

And how about you PC, who’s your real life superhero?

PC: For me, my real life superhero is my dad – always. I guess for every child their father is their hero. He taught me everything that I know. He is my support and my hero.

Okay guys, what about comic book or film superhero – who’s your favourite?

HR: Well the first film that I saw in my life was Superman and since then he’s been my favourite.

PC:  Mine’s Batman, because he’s dark and he’s mysterious. He has amazing toys. Oh and Hatimtai, I loved Hatimtai! He was also one of my favourite superheroes.

13oct_Krrish3-UKintvw24Nice! In Hollywood at the moment it’s all about bringing superheroes together (Avengers, Man of Steel 2). So, if Hollywood were to come to you and ask Krrish to be part of one of their franchises/films, which one would you choose and why?

PC: I would like to see Krrish with Iron Man, because Iron Man’s got all these toys and gadgets and he pretty much does the same things which Krrish does, so I’d love to see them two together. I’d like to see the ‘bros’ fighting crime!

HR: (after thinking…) Yes, Iron Man!

Interesting choice, well PC, you’ve acted in Drona previously, a superhero film with Abhishek Bachchan. In a fight between Drona and Krrish, who would win?

PC: How evil is that?!

HR interjects: Superhero’s don’t fight each other first of all.

PC: It’s a bro-code!

HR: Yeah, it’s a bro-code! You don’t know that?! You’re not a bro then!

Alright guys, then how about Ra.One vs Krrish?

HR: Obviously Krrish! The good always wins!

PC: Ra.One’s the bad guy. Bad guys always lose! G-One vs Krrish, or Drona vs. Krrish,  they’re all always together – the bro-code!

HR: Krrish would really…you know, kill him! (Ra.One)

13oct_Krrish3-UKintvw27As we’re on a roll, Bollywood superhero films versus Hollywood ones?

HR: Hindi cinema is among the best in the world. Usually we outsource special effects to other countries, but my father wanted to do it all in India, so this is the first fully homegrown special effects film made in India. The aim was to make a superhero film that will appeal to global audiences much like Superman and Batman. More people watched the Krrish 3 trailer on YouTube than Avengers or Thor. We’re excited to see how the audience reacts.

On the music front PC, you’ve done really well, so would you have recorded a track for Krrish?

PC: Of course I would have, they just never asked.

HR: Do you know how many people want Priyanka to record a track? I mean the world is going crazy! She knows the worth of her voice, as I do and I think she deserves a platform that is bigger and better than anything else in the world because she is that good.

PC: I think it would really fun if I do playback (singing) for another heroine, in another film. That would be really cool.

Finally, HR you talked about the virtues of Krrish and how they have influenced you. So…if your kids came and ever asked you ‘Dad, who should we take as role model, you or Krrish?’ Who would it be?

HR: They’re both the same thing. I live by the same values, that’s my hope and that’s the way I want to live. I wear a symbol of Krrish (on my wrist) to remind me of those values and so that I associate with them. Like when I had a my brain operation, I kept asking myself what would a guy like Krrish do? Thats one aspect that drives me and the other is being an example to my kids. So they both co-relate with each other and becomes one whole thing.


There we have it – a deeper understanding of the bro-code and of course heaps of excitement to contain until Krrish 3 hits cinemas on Friday 1st November. Until then, the final thought we leave you with is one we shared with HR: Krrish 2 was released the same year as Superman Returns (2006) and now Krrish 3 is releasing the same year as Man of Steel. So our final question for you all: Superman vs Krrish – who would win?!

Watch as a bonus we bring you filmed highlights from our interview too.

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