Hrithik Roshan pushed to play the villain in Krrish 3

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hrithikkrrish3pc1While Bollywood is still in its infancy with the superhero genre, across the Atlantic in Hollywood, very often the ‘supervillain’ is better remembered and more powerful than the superhero. I mean who can forget Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight? Which not only won him a posthumous Oscar, but also made him overshadow the main hero Batman.

However if Arjun Rampal’s performance as Ra.One was anything to go by and from what we hear about Vivek Oberoi’s amazing performance as supervillain Kaal, Bollywood is clearly catching up. So it’s no wonder that Hrithik Roshan, who already plays a number of roles in the Krrish franchise, also wanted to play the villain.

When in London earlier this week he shared, “I must confess I really pushed myself for the villain’s part. I was selling myself for it for days, to my dad and to the writers. I was like: I should do this role. I can really do this well, I know this guy. I’ve never played this role, I would give my life for this. Short of the screen test I did everything!”

However ask him how he feels now, Hrithik said, “Now when I see Vivek and what he’s done with the role I am truly amazed and am so happy that I did not do the part, because what he’s done I don’t think any other actor would have been able to do so. Hats off to him!”

Keep watching this space as we bring you BollySpice’s special interview with Hrithik on Krrish 3 and international superheroes…

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