Hrithik Roshan’s Urdu Lessons

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Hrithik ‘Perfectionist’ Roshan is at it again. The green-eyed hunk who is known for giving his attention to the minutest of details has been working extremely hard to get his Urdu lines right. The star, who plays Akbar in Jodha-Akbar, is so keen to perfect his Urdu that he also takes his teacher, Kamaal Ahmed along to the dubbing studio incase he needs extra help in perfecting his pronunciations!

A source says that Roshan Jr. makes it a point to take lessons whenever and wherever he has some free time on his hands. When asked about it, Kamaal Ahmed says, “Yes I am teaching Urdu to Hrithik. Hrithik is my favourite student as he is very hard-working and a perfectionist. He doesn’t give up till he gets the pronunciations perfect.”

Not only that, it looks like Duggu also gets a bit of homework from his trainer! “Yes I used to give him a format that he had to keep practicing. And he used to practice it diligently every time. I would keep making him repeat some difficult words which he had difficulty pronouncing”, adds Ahmed.

The proud teacher also says that all the credit goes to Hrithik who has learnt the language well. “Personally speaking, Hrithik is extremely cultured and knows how to respect people.” We definitely look forward to watching Hrithik speaking Urdu flawlessly in Jodha-Akbar and we’re sure that our superhero’s hard work will pay off!

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