Hrithik stunned at reactions to Jodhaa Akbar

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The movie that was one of the most highly anticipated films ever, Jodhaa Akbar, has finally hit the theaters. Audiences and critics a like are nothing but praise for the actors’ performances, especially Hrithik Roshan as Akbar.

Hrithik said, “I was apprehensive about reactions. But it all turned out fine, finally. Thank god for that. The reviews have been very kind. We were lucky, I guess.”

About the scene where he is practicing with a sword and the reactions to it, Hrithik said, “Why shouldn’t a woman in those Mughal times be shown deriving voyeuristic pleasure watching her husband exercising? The idea was to make Akbar a timeless creation.”

Adding, “People are saying such wonderful things. We wanted to make Akbar relatable to today’s generation, and that’s how he has turned out to be.”

Though of course he is honored and pleased by the audience reaction there is one reaction that has meant more to him. His father Rakesh Roshan told him that his performance was his best ever. “Dad completely floored me. He has never complimented me to my face. Whatever his opinion of my performance he never expressed it openly so far. It was always an understanding between us that he appreciated my performances. But this is the first time he has come out so openly to support my performance. I’m overwhelmed.”

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