Hrithik wants a girl

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Besides getting ready for the highly highly (maybe I should say highly once more) anticipated release of his new film Jodhaa Akbar, Hrithik Roshan is also getting ready to be a daddy for the second time.

Hrithik said, “I don’t want to say much about this. But, yes, we’re very excited. I thought my excitement level would be lower the second time around, but it’s as high.”

The baby is due in May and Hrithik revealed, “I want a girl this time.”

Hrithik is currently filming an ad for a biscuit company in Goa, that is being directed by Navdeep Singh of Manorama Six Feet Under fame. Co-starring model Gunjan Bakshi, the ad sadly does not have Hrithik doing one of the things he does best, dancing.

“I’m aware a majority of the ads expect me to put on my dancing shoes. I can’t say I’ve consciously avoided dancing for this one. But yes, when you sit down to create something with like minded people, ideas do tend to be tossed freely and feelingly. I did feel the dancing bit in the ads was becoming tedious,” he said.

Hrithik is currently recovering from knee injury that has been giving him trouble for quiet awhile now. He has had to stay off it and not do anything to strenuous, which he is finding hard to do while filming in Goa, “Well, here I am in Goa surrounded by the sun and sand. I’m staring at this inviting expanse of beach leading into a stretch of the bluest sea I’ve ever seen.

“And all I want to do is run with the sand and sea flapping on my feet and face. But I can’t do that. Thanks to my knee. I’ve to behave myself if I want to again do what I love doing the most, namely action and dance.”

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