Hrithik’s Blow Up with Journalists

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The Indian paparazzi have found its way into the bad books of Hrithik Roshan. During a visit to Shirdi, the actor and his family found themselves swarmed by journalists who were hoarding the devotees. The family had come to the holy city seeking the blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba just as their film Kites is on the brink of release. However, the actor found himself losing his “cool” when the media came too close for comfort and yelled at the journalists for “invading his and his family’s privacy.” It was father Rakesh Roshan who had to hold him back and control him from attacking the cameraman.

Later on after realizing that he needlessly had lost his head over the incident, the actor tweeted and said, “Wish I could’ve risen above and given them all a big hug. Right now I’m trying to forgive myself for losing my cool. But I guess when it comes to family any man would do the same.” Support from Shah Rukh Khan came as the super star in reply tweeted, “I send u peace my friend. a piece of love… a piece of success and a large piece of life.”

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