Hrithik’s obsession with fragrances!

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Here is a little something that not many people know about Hrithik Roshan. We know that he works hard on developing each character he performs and that he literally becomes the role once the camera is filming. It is one of the marks of his outstanding acting ability.

Now we learn, that one thing Duggu does to help him get into character is to decide a scent to wear for each film. Each role will have a particular fragrance that he handpicks before the start of filming. Then once filming has started he wears it everyday and it becomes a necessary part of his costume.

Not only is he particular about the brand, he is also particular on how he applies the fragrance. For Jodha Akbar, a source from the sets said that he sprays on the perfume very carefully so that it does not overpower people and then allows it to fully dry before donning his costume and becoming Akbar.

This attention to detail is not known to many people. Not even Papa Roshan who says. “I wouldn’t know about the perfume he wears.” However, his sister Sunaina is in on the secret and says that, “From whatever I know of him, he is very fond of fragrances by the design house Issey Miyake.”

It is true that scents can remind you of places, people or things and it is very interesting that Roshan uses this to help him essay his character. After learning about this we now wish that the movies came with smell-o-vision!

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