Hurman Baweja’s Extra Pair of Ears

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Fine, Hurman Baweja hasn’t managed to create waves or much talk with any of releases: Love Story 2050 and Victory. But that hasn’t hurt the actor’s self-esteem or optimism. Baweja has moved on from his past debacles, Priyanka Chopra and his old name; dropping the “A” for a “U.” Currently working on his upcoming project, “What’s Your Rashee?” with his ex-girlfriend Chopra and director Ashutosh Gowariker, he has found a new way to keep himself busy and amused.

Baweja, has bought himself a Dictaphone, which he uses to record his voice. Apparently, the actor recites his lines, records himself on the device only to later listen to them and makes amends if required. “I like to record my lines and listen to them. That way I know exactly what tone I should be using, and how I should be saying them,” he revealed in an interview to a leading publication.

However, he is also up to no good with his new device. The actor hides the Dictaphone on the sets to the record the conversations that occur within the crew and cast. The cast and crew better be warned not to make any remarks regarding his flop series, P.C., or his wannabe Hritik Roshan style. Hurman has an extra pair of ears which are floating around and he is not afraid to use them!

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