I am proud to be a Woman – Jaya Prada

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Yes this is what actor Jaya Prada has to say about being a woman. According to her, “I am proud to be a woman. I know that woman is a lovely combination of strength, intellect, emotional balance and beauty of mind & heart. You are born a woman only because God is especially kind towards you, so one should take pride in being a woman. In India woman is worshipped as Goddess and people look up to her as infinite source of kindness and power. It is only when we are, ourselves in doubt of our own energy, that we get exploited. As a woman I have tried to use my platform as an actor and as a politician to help others. Inspite of all the hurdles posed in front of me, I have been instrumental in building nursing school and Law College for women in Rampur, not because I have the resources but because I also believe in myself.

“I pity all the people who have indulged in female feticide because they will never experience the joy of having a girl child in the house, the peace her laughter can bring or the ultimate pleasure of her loyalty to family.

“I am a staunch supporter of reservations for women. Society needs to allow them to flourish. They are the first school for the future generation of India. Till now I was not overly active about this because that was the stance of my party, but now I have the freedom to do what I believe in. I shall celebrate women’s day by being myself.”

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