“I believe in love” – Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana Ranaut has been talking about the new love of her life Adhyayan Suman: “I believe in love,” she says, “Adhyayan Suman, the man in my life, has been amazing. I’ve discovered a new energy in me. I feel like a complete woman. Love makes you a nicer person. You see life from an unselfish dimension.”

Kangana sports a new look in her new film Raaz – The Mystery Continues. We will see her with red hair and a more defined bodyline. “Kangana’s look in Raaz-The Mystery Continues is very different,” explains a source, “Her look is curvier. Kangana has been skinny always but for Raaz… she has put on weight. Basically she has been given a subtle look to suit to the role.”

Kangana has been a devotee of yoga now for about six months and believes that it has helped her to control and channel her personality in more positive ways. She has been seen practising it throughout her work on Raaz 2. “I’ve discovered, harnessed and built much greater physical and mental strength through this practice, which is essential to survive the physical strain of shooting long hours and the emotional rigour that acting demands,” she comments, “The role required a lot from me. So it was imperative to keep my practice alive during the outdoor schedules to be able to maintain the focus and equanimity required to deliver the required performance.”

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